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Module 1 Lesson 1: Self-evaluation (Allan)
Aims of the lesson
Activity 1: Good & Bad Teaching
Activity 2: Categories for Observation
Activity 3: Classroom Climate

Lesson 2: Pairwork and Groupwork (Allan)
Aims of the lesson
Activity 1: Pair and Group Activities
Activity 2: Advantages and Problems
Activity 3: Organising Pairwork
Activity 4: Dividing the class
Module 2 Lesson 3: Using the Blackboard (Allan)
Aims of the lesson
Activity 1: Writing on the Blackboard
Activity 2: Organizing the Blackboard
Activity 3: Blackboard Examples
Activity 4: Structure Table
Activity 5: Prompts for Practice
Activity 6: Using Blackboard Drawings

Lesson 4: Presenting Vocabulary (Allan)
Aims of the lesson
Activity 1: Introduction to Techniques for Presenting Vocabulary
Activity 2: Giving Examples
Activity 3: Combining Different Techniques
Activity 4: Using a New Word
Activity 5: Vocabulary Expansion
Activity 6: Active and Passive Vocabulary
Module 3 Lesson 5: Asking Questions (Allan)
Aims of the lesson
Activity 1: Question Types
Activity 2: Checking Questions
Activity 3: Real Classroom Questions
Activity 4: Eliciting Long Answers
Activity 5: Questioning Strategies

Lesson 6: Presenting Structures (Allan)
Activity 1- Structures and examples
Activity 2- Ways of showing meaning
Activity 3- Presenting a structure
Activity 4- Contrasting structures
Module 4 Lesson Lesson 7: Practising Structures (Allan)
Video 1: Practice Activity Examples for Structures
Video​ 2:​ Mechanical Versus Meaningful Practice
Video 3: A teacher with a Problem & Free Oral Practice​ ​

Lesson 8: Reading Activities (Allan)
Video​ 4:​ Pre-reading Activities and Why we use them​ 
Video​ 5:​​ How to ask questions following a Text & How to use Graphs and tables to help your students read
Video​ 6:​ Questions that go beyond the Text
Module 5 Lesson 9: Using Visual Aids (Allan)
Video 1: Different Visual Aids and How We can use Them
Video​ 2:​ Using Flashcards & Charts

Lesson 10: Planning a Lesson (Allan)
Video 3: The Four Need-to-Knows of Lesson Plans​ ​​ 
Video​ 4:​​ The Main Stages of a Lesson Plan
Video​ 5:​ Review of Modules 1~5 
Module 6 Lesson 1esson 11: Writing Activities (Allan)
Video 1: Controlled Writing Activities
Video​ 2:​ How to Help Students with Writing Activities
Video 3: Oral Prep (Eliciting)

Lesson 12: Eliciting (Allan)
Video​ 4:​ Eliciting using Pictures​
Video​ 5:​​ Getting Students to Guess Unknown Words and Structures
Video​ 6:​ Questions that go Beyond the Text 
Module 7 Lesson Lesson 13: Correcting Errors (Allan)
Video 1: Three Different Teachers Approaches to Error Correction
Video​ 2:​ How to Correct Different Kinds of Students​
Video 3: Useful Gestures to Help Students Correct Themselves & Correcting Written Work

Lesson 14: Listening Activities (Allan)
Video​ 4:​ Two Different Ways to Help Focus our Student's Attention when Doing Listening Activities​
Video​ 5:​​ Procedure for Listening Activities​
​Video​ 6:​ The Advantages of Recorded Listening Material & How to Get Students to Predict​
Module 8 Lesson Lesson 15: Teaching Basic Reading (Allan)
Video 1: A different approach to teaching basic reading
Video​ 2:​ Look and Do Flashcard Activities & Simple Reading Tasks
Video 3: The Relationship Between Sounds & Spelling in English​

Lesson 16: Communicative Activities (Allan)
Video​ 4:​ How to Make Communicative Activities Interesting​
Video​ 5:​​ Guessing Games​
​Video​ 6:​ Information Gap Exercises & Personal Information Exchange Exercises
Module 9 Lesson Lesson 17: Using Worksheets (Allan)
Video 1: Why and How we Use Worksheets
Video​ 2:​ Oral Practice Worksheets
Video 3: Reading & Writing Worksheets​

Lesson 18: Using English in Class (Allan)
Video​ 4:​ When to Use English, both Languages, and your Native Language​
Video​ 5:​​ Useful Classroom Commands & Giving Simple Examples in English
​Video​ 6:​ English or your Own Language?​
Module 10 Lesson Lesson 19: Classroom Tests (Allan)
Video 1: What We Can Test & Receptive Skills
Video​ 2:​ The Pros & Cons of Different Types of Questions & Testing Grammar and Writing
Video 3: ​Marking Free Writing Tests & Oral Tests

Lesson 20: Planning a Week's Teaching (Allan)
Video 1: Planning day by day versus Planning a Series of Lessons
Video​ 2:​ ​What We Need to Consider When Making a Series of Lessons​
Video 3: Review of Module 6~10